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YES! Iam alive - as a banana!

First Highlights of my time in Alanya


First: Iam really sorry that my first Blog from turkey i just publish now...BUT thats not a bad sign. Iam okay - more than that, till now the time here in Alanya is awesome.

Why? I will show you in the next parts my highlights.

1. The guest house
I spent my room together with the sardinian (not italian of course ;-) ), who seems to be the best roommate for me. We have a lot of fun together. But with that view this should be normal. From our balcony it seems to be possible to jump directly into the sea. Every day the whole group (14 persons, 10 contries) is eating three times a day in front of the guest house. At 9 am, 12.30 and 19.30.


2. The Sun
The weather is really nice. Every day we are over 30 degrees and till now it was possible to be every da at least some hours at the beach. There we ware really often playing beachvolleyball together (and succesfull: we beat the turkish locals).

3. First Job: Be a Banana

The first days we had only free time because we were waiting to be complete. Some volunteers came three days after me. So it started really as a holiday. And then came my first job. At the opening parade for the cultural festival here i was with the slovakian volunteer jakub the mascots. This was a result of a joke from me, but in the end it was really cool. As big bananas we went in front of the parade, danced and made the kids happy. A real interesting, crazy and funny experience but also very hard. the costum was very heavy and inside you felt like in a sauna. But in the end everybody came to us and thanked us for the great performance. The whole city was talking about these crazy bananas. Even the mayor came to us and thanked us. Since that we know each other. I met him again at some official dinner and stood an his table and talked a few minutes with him...you should see the faces from my responsible persons here in alanya. They could not believe that iam so closed with their mayor.



And here a youtube-video:

Okay that's for first enough and should show you that i have a really interesting time here. Your are excited about other stories? Tomorrow i will publish things about parties, hard work and pirate boats.

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Time to go!

One Döner and then off to Turkey

It's raining men...hallelujah...yes, that is the spring in germany - really time to go!

Tomorrow i will take my flight to turkey, to the sun, to the triathlon european championships! And I am really excited what is going to happen over there. I will be there for four weeks as a volunteer and every week i will give you an update from my activities (or non-activities ;-)

So before I will leave the cold germany one last fun fact: My last meal was? Right, a Döner. So I am prepared.

Hope you will have fun with my updates, i will have fun for sure in turkey.

See you the next days


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